About us

Our vision is to create a portfolio of assets and brands that consistently deliver best-in-class experiences. Building long-lasting partnerships is central to the accomplishment of this vision. Mutual trust and respect form the basis of all our relationships and our commitment to building long-lasting partnerships will deliver genuine value and collective success.

Our portfolio encompasses assets as well as brands. We adopt an open-minded approach to investment, backing individuals, ideas and ingenuity. We have a reputation for partnering with dependable investors and associates who share our ethical and trustworthy approach to business. We foster clear communications and a supportive environment to ensure that we collectively meet our personal and professional objectives.

Innovation is an essential element of the hospitality industry and of our business strategy. By effectively creating and implementing new products and services we will achieve our vision to become best-in-class across every vertical. The creativity and innovative ideas of Shanti Hospitality and our partners will produce truly memorable customer experiences that differentiate our assets and brands from the competition.

Quality control is crucial. We ensure that everything we do is of the highest achievable standard. This commitment to quality is apparent in the way we work during the planning, build and operational stages through to the quality of the end product. Our obsession with detail is evident at every point of the customer experience.