Photo: Courtesy of Ananda Spa

The ancient practice of meditation has been helping people connect to the world around them for millennia. It’s more than just relaxation and letting it all go, though; it’s also about reorganising the way you think, and gaining a deeper understanding of your own mind.

If you need some time to reset—which, let’s face it, in the digital age is becoming a necessity for all of us—these luxury meditation retreats are the perfect place to get some expert guidance in your spiritual journey.

ananda palace HR.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Ananda Spa

This luxury retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas in India is situated in a palace overlooking Rishikesh, a spiritual pilgrimage town colloquially known as “the home of yoga”. Their seven-day Dhyana Self-Realisation programme incorporates meditation and yoga for emotional, spiritual and physical enlightenment.

With experts on hand for one-to-one sessions, a 25,000 square foot spa and 78 stunning suites and private villas, this meditation retreat is great for those who want a little luxury with their spiritual enlightenment.