Our portfolio

A collection of exceptional brands and properties

Our portfolio spans four continents and includes a number of award-winning brands, hotels and restaurants. Working with world-class partners in diverse communities, we own and manage a wide range of properties and enterprises to cater to various different markets.


From private hideaways in Asia to secluded resorts in Europe, each of our properties falls under the umbrella of our unique hospitality brands.


With 32 hotels in our portfolio, our collection ranges from luxury beach resorts to inner-city hotels and includes over 2,000 rooms around the world.


Our group of restaurants is a diverse selection, including a gourmet Mediterranean restaurant in the U.S. and an Italian-inspired restaurant in London.

Other investments

We work to develop innovative ways of working and learning. We understand the importance of investing in our industry and the people who work in it.

Upcoming projects

We're always interested in developing our growing collection of luxury properties by bringing new and exciting additions into the Shanti family.

Work with us

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