Shanti Seva

Selfless service

What is Shanti Seva?

In Hindi, SEVA means ‘selfless service’. Our mantra is “Humanity & community first” and all our activities are aimed towards fulfilling it to give back to the community, our people and the environment. Shanti Seva is the soul of Shanti Hospitality. It is an intention at the heart of every interaction with our colleagues, guests, stakeholders and community. We are always looking to elevate this ‘selfless service’ philosophy and embed it into our culture and inspire others through our actions. Through Shanti Seva at the heart of Shanti Hospitality, we stand united to serve those around us.

How do we incorporate Shanti Seva?

We’ve outlined a number of different unique ways that we can support our communities. Whether that’s workshops to help build skills and wellbeing or on-site healthcare for our colleagues and their families, our plans to give back to the community stem from the “how can I help” attitude that we look for in all of our team members.

Why does Shanti Seva matter?

In Hindi, Seva means ‘selfless service’. We feel there are many opportunities for us to engage with our community, make a positive impact on the environment and support our people, which in turn, helps our guests.

I travel to interesting places to get inspiration for my music... And this time my wife and I went to Ananda as we had heard a lot! The place proved to be stunning! Great people, great treatments and great weather!!!

Travellapanti, Ananda in the Himalayas

Shanti Maurice is THE paradise on earth! What a great atmosphere and what lovely people around us. We had the time of our lives here on our honeymoon... Book a massage at the beautiful spa. This place deserves 5+ stars!

Joris v Kampen, Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa

Just returned from our 4th visit to Surlej and the Nira Alpina. Fabulous time. Great family holiday in a superb hotel. Superb balcony views, a spa to relax in with the knowledge that Diana is looking after your children and great food.

Alison W, Nira Alpina

The service from beginning to end was incredible. Every corner of the hotel was clean, from our room, to the lobby, to the spa, to the gym and the landscape. Thank you Nira Alpina Staff for the exceptional service and for making our stay spectacular.

Titto M, Nira Alpina

Our kid was so taken care of by them, our food was prepared in advance, whatever we asked for they didn't refuse even at odd hours as we were staying with our 3-year-old. God bless the entire team of Hyatt Regency as they are the real pioneers in the hospitality field.

Anupam manocha, Hyatt Regency Dharamshala Resort

We spent the most amazing and relaxing holiday ever! It is a quiet, relaxed, and private place to spend your time on this beautiful island. All staff are concerned that you feel good, relax and have all that you need to enjoy your holiday and feel special.

A. Boeder, Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa

Beautiful property nestled in the middle of a forest. Mountain views from the rooms are amazing. Extremely nice staff who are eager to make your stay memorable. Food is great. Nice treks around the property. The hotel provides a free shuttle to Mcleod Ganj.

smriti14, Hyatt Regency Dharamshala